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Learn basic conversation in any new language in 60 Days - Taught by Moses McCormick, a seasoned FLR Samurai.

Take advantage of his innovative technique by taking his exclusive language course.

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A Samurai uses a variety of weapons, including bows, spears, and even simple firearms in order to get a job done in the most efficient way possible. The FLR Samurai Program walks you through the tools, mindset and the core beliefs you need to conquer new languages quickly and effectively.
Yes, I want to learn a new language!

Who is Moses McCormick?

I started learning foreign languages at the age of 18 out of curiosity. I’ve always been curious about Asian culture, so I thought it would be a cool idea to try and learn Chinese. I didn’t really expect to take it seriously, but once I started having interactions with native speakers, I decided that learning Chinese would be a long term goal, which lead into learning a lot of different other languages.

What makes my method unique is, it allows an individual to learn a lot of material in a very short time span. Samurai will teach you how to learn more than one language at a time. By using such method, you will be able to quickly form sentences adequately to have conversations with native speakers. This type of experience can be achieved from one month to three months

The FLR Samurai program is based on a system I have honed (like a Samurai’s blade) and perfected over the last 15 years in the trenches, talking to native speakers in 50+ languages. I will help you perfect your craft.

What Samurai Warriors Are Saying:

“Moses truly understands foreign languages & this method is to make tutees self-sufficient”

“The breakthrough you’ve given me in the video series has been incredible... this is changing my life”

“I was stumbling around, trying different things, before I met you... but now I have the clarity and vision I need to take my language learning to the next level”

Some Of The Amazed Reactions I’ve Gotten

When you train as a samurai, you will have the tools to do this too!

Unlock the Door to Any Language 

Picture this in your life 2 months from now: You’re walking down the street and see a couple of people speaking a language that’s not your own but you instantly recognize it. You confidently walk up to them, start a conversation and instantly watch their jaws drop. They simply can’t believe you’re speaking their language. And when you tell them you’ve only been studying their language for two months you’ll laugh because of the total amazement and shock on their faces. That’s my goal for YOU!

Now You Have The Opportunity To Learn Directly From Me For 60 Straight Days & Unleash Your Inner FLR Samurai!

Train Like A Samurai & Become Fluent Today!

Follow FLR Creator (Moses McCormick) for 60 straight days and discover what he does daily to crush new languages and confidently have basic conversations with native speakers in record time. Develop the “Godlike” ability to rapidly assimilate new languages and impress just about everyone you meet.

I am ready to enhance my learning process!

Samurai Method Progress After 3 Months



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